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Here are the Categories for 2018:
(check back - we will be adding more categories soon!)

Professional in Education and Childcare:
This award is open to all that work in education.  Whether it be an educator for children or adults, this is the award for you or your colleague.  This award will be given to childcare professionals, teachers or a women that is out there educating others through books and seminars. 
Professional in Health & Wellness:
This award is open to all women in the health & wellness field.  Physicians, Nurses, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Elderly Care Givers and any health & wellness professional that cares for individuals to help with their well being and to live their lives to the fullest.

Professional in Fashion:
This award is open to all women who are in the creative design industry ,or a top sales professional in a boutique or major department store.  Jewelry, clothing and hats are all included in this category!   Whether it is a family owned boutique or a senior management role with a national name, you are eligible to apply in this category.  

Professional in Restaurant & Hospitality:
This award is open to all women who operate in the hotel or restaurant trade.
Professional in Marketing & Events:
This award is open to all ladies who provide marketing assistance to people in business, also to women in event coordination and management.

Professional in Hair & Beauty:
This award is open to women in the hair and beauty industry.  Hair dressers, colorists and make-up artists.  

*Chicago Irish Community Volunteer of the Year:
This award is open to the woman who works tirelessly in her volunteerism for a local charity or organization.  If you know someone who deserves this recognition, please do tell!  We want to make sure she is thanked for her efforts. 

*New Business of the Year:
This award is open to all ladies who have started a new business in the last 2 years.  It is open to all businesses and also welcome those who may just be at the very early stage.

*Irish Professional Woman of the Year:
This award is open to all women in every business who you feel is THE TOP Professional.  Tell us why you feel she is a Champion in her field.

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Deadline for Nominations - June 1, 2018